Not enough patient for Microsoft...

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Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by Xuarez »


I'm not really new to Linux (especially Mint). My journey with this system started during summer holidays. My pc is 11 years old but it still works. It's quite fast and I've never had any problems with it's performance until the summer. My video card is AMD Raden HD 5770, it works well, I can play even newer games with it but the thing is that formatting the system and installing win 7 on that pc was a disaster... Normally I should put in CD and install the system but somehow it happend that no interface has shown on the screen. It worked well for about 3 years. After this time "colorfol" screen started showing, so installing/formatting the pc was impossible. I hade to install the new system on the old one and then delete all of the old files. It was taking a lot of time. More than normal format. But still- everything was working, except the installation (and all of the other functions that can be booted from CD.

During summer I wanted to update the drivers. I downloaded the program, updated them and few errors occured. Performance errors. Before updating the drivers I downloaded and installed Windows updates.I wasn't able to run the CD or even run the safe mode. System broked. I had a lot of important files there and had no idea how could I save them. My friend told me: "take your mother's laptop, install linux on the USB stick, run it on your pc, copy the files to the second pendrive and that's it". I've never thought that something like "live CD" or "desktop image" exist and it is possible to run the system without installing it. Well.. That was my first experience with Linux Mint. I had it for about a month- everything was cool but I didn't have enough time to get know this system. My friend told me to buy a used laptop and start exploring it. I read a lot about linux and it's distros for few months. It seemed to be very interesting. And it is :) During that time I've checked few distros - ubuntu, mint, debian, manjaro and sparky.

From august to december I was using win 7 - everything was ok but then communicates started to show - "there will be no support for windows 7..." bla bla bla. I said: "ok, let's move to win 10, it should work". Ye, it works - twice slower than win 7, there are tons of processes, a lot of useless options to set... I wanted to go back to win 7 but, unfortunately, an error occured :) I decided to buy a used laptop and learn linux. I've heard that it can be more stable than windows, it's safier and faster too. So few days ago I bought a laptop, wanted to install Debian there but my network card works only with 4.2+ kernels, whereas Debian's kernel is 4.19 and (as far as I know) it's impossible to install 5.0 kernel on stable version.

I still use win 10 because I bought win 7 and I used the key to activate win 10 so I don't want to lose it.
I didn't want to start with Ubuntu- desktop is not as interesting as in Mint (love cinnamon). Debian doesn't detect my network card. Sparky, Mint and Manjaro seem to look similar (yup, I know Manjaro is based on Arch, I've already discovered more tools and few different commands) so I decided to choose the most popular distro.
And here I am :) Learning the terminal atm :)
If I get know this distro quite well, I'll try the others :)

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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by deepakdeshp »

Welcome to Linux land.
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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by WharfRat »

Hello Xuarez Image

Welcome to Linux Mint and the Linux Mint forum :)

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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by kc1di »

Hello Xuarez,
Welcome to the Mint Forums, Enjoy!
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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by DisturbedDragon »

Welcome Xuarez!

Hope you enjoy your time with Linux Mint and here in the forums.
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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by rene »

Just as a quick note: 19 > 2

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Re: Not enough patient for Microsoft...

Post by JerryF »

Welcome to Mint and the forums!
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