Brand spankin' newbie!

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Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by tigerucla »

Hello everybody. Looking forward to being part of the community. Speaking of which, I'm looking for a registration code for Is this the right place to get one?

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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by gittiest personITW »

Welcome to the forums.
From what I'm aware of (which isn't much I'm afraid), you make a new account using an accessible email address then you get sent an email you need to verify the account details with.

This isn't some dodgy site where you can only access certain pages if you know someone who knows someone, at least I don't think it is, but then again I might not know that person who knows that someone else.
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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by JerryF »

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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by kc1di »

Hello tigerucla,
Welcome to Linux Mint Forums, enjoy! :)
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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by Pierre »

Hi tigerucla ,
welcome to our forum.

for you to get an Registration Code for the Community Site:
- follow the Instructions on that Web Site, thus:
To prevent SPAM bots from harming our community, we now require a registration code. Connect to the chatroom (From within Linux Mint, launch Menu->Welcome Screen and click on Chat Room), introduce yourself and ask for a registration code.
them simply Register with:
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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by deepakdeshp »

Welcome to Linux Mint Forums
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Re: Brand spankin' newbie!

Post by bob466 »

Welcome to the Forum. :D
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