Introduction from Massachusetts USA

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Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by jaw 01 »

My name is James. I am a married 69-year-old retired/ disabled fat balding father of four children, with five grandchildren.
If you need to know more about me than what I've stated, you probably share similar traits, and you have my condolences.

My son mentioned that Linux would be a viable alternative to upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
Price was a major factor, emancipation from windows was another.

And so off we go. I have uploaded Linux mint on Gateway tower.
I am very happy to be here, able to ask questions as they arise.
Thank you!
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by mr_raider »

Good luck.

Have fun.

Stay safe.
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by deepakdeshp »

Welcome to the Linux Mint Forum
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by DAMIEN1307 »

Hi jaw 01,

Im also from Mass,...(MassHole), many eons ago from South Boston, (Southie)...till 1999 was Police Constable for the Commonwealth of Mass., based mostly in Taunton and Raynham area till 1989...from then onward, went back to my "first love" auto mechanics in New Hampshire for the next 20 years and moved to New Mexico upon "retirement" 10 years ago. Still doing computer work for entities best not named, mostly under also a fat and balding old fart as well at 65 years of age.

And yes, i was there for the big bad old days of "James (Whitey) Bulger and Kevin Weeks" (Also knew Whitey's brother "Billy", The Corrupt Midget of Beacon Hill"), as "Howie Carr" and the rest of The Boston Herald "Jornalist's/Hacks" would call him, players during the "Winter Hill Gang" period.

Welcome to the forums and dont hesitate to ask questions when you need help and guidance, many knowledgeable folks here to answer questions...DAMIEN
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by bob466 »

Welcome to the Forum. :D
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by BG405 »

Welcome to the Forum! I'm glad your son suggested Linux as a good alternative to the mess of going to LoseDoze™ 10* :razz:

*Name inspired by the loss of sleep caused by that horrible mis-operating  cistern  system.
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by kelevra »

Welcome to Linux Mint and the forum. It is good to see another escapee from the Windoze realm.
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Re: Introduction from Massachusetts USA

Post by kc1di »

Hello jaw 01,
Welcome to Linux Mint Forum, enjoy! :)
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