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Postby Progressor » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:35 pm

Wel this is me!
I study Aplied Physics @ University Twente.

I'm a member there of the board game society. I focus mostly on the following types of boardgames: tactical-, strategy- and mind-games. They can last for 4 hours. (There is a lot of variation in length.) Also my friends and I make appointments for boardgames lasting 8 to 12 hours. Often these are complex resource management / strategy games.
I can barely imagine these days that there are people complaining about the duration of a known game like Risk.

I really like music. (On the passive side though, I don't play.)
I'm on a continuous quest for finding more innovative, intriguing, obscure music. Sometimes this quest makes me listen and appreciate music that isn't very pleasant to the ear (being fascinated nonetheless), but most of the time it's pleasing to.
It's fun trying find music within my taste that an other person might like too. I succeeded in surprising some people around me, who still would have been stuck in there "It's a metal-head"-prejudice otherwise.

I switched too Mint since Isadora got released.
I already decided to switch to Linux some months ago. My 4yr old windows installation was getting at the point where windows users say it's time for a fresh windows install. It was getting sluggish. Instead I decided it was time for a fresh Linux install. The programs I need for university also have a Linux version, which was a decisive factor to make the jump.
I was already used too open source games and some are pretty good. Fortunately open source tends to work under Linux (surprise :-p).
I'm still getting used to Linux at the moment. Different structure, menus etc. I still need to haunt some fora and websites to learn to wield Linux to it's full potential. (Like knowing more terminal commands that are useful in my everyday digital life.)

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Re: Progressor

Postby Aging Technogeek » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:01 pm

Hello Progressor and welcome to Linux Mint. You seem like the type that will make great use of the power of Linux once you get familiar with it.

Never hesitate to ask any question you have concerning Linux or Mint . There are some very savvy members in this forum who can and will help.

It would not hurt to register in the Ubuntu forum as well. Since Mint is based on Ubuntu, many fixes for Ubuntu problems will also work for Mint.
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