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Post by troyj » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:00 pm

Hi fellow Mint users! :-)

Just wanted to post a note that I am very happy with the latest release of Mint (9). Running on a Mac Mini extremely well. No going back to OS X for this Mac!
I have been a Mac user for...a long time! lol
Probably since about 1990 or so. My first brand new Mac was a Power Mac 6100. Yes, that was a while ago!

I have played around with various flavors of linux in the past (Mandrake, Red Hat, Yellow Dog, Ubuntu, DSL and a few others), but they always seemed like something was missing. That seems to be a reason given by other people who tried different distros and went back to Windows or OS X.

Anyway, I have had a feeling about Apple and it's fearless leader for a while and it seems like that company's behavior in the past few months or longer has really bothered me. From the more and more closed ecosystem of the iPod and more so with the iPad, the Flash fight, the price of a new Mac vs a PC, etc., etc.
I came to the conclusion that I want my computer to be free! Free from Apple and free from Microsoft. From Freedom Came Elegance, so here I am...

I installed Isadora on the Mac Mini and wow! It just works! :-) Wireless works. Sound works. Everything works! Mint seems faster than OS X on the same hardware.

I hope that I can learn as much as possible and help to spread the word about Mint. If Mint works this well on a Mac, it should do quite well on just about any PC hardware.

I want to say thank you for a great distro and I look forward to learning, helping and singing the praises of Mint as much as I am able to.


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Re: Hello

Post by Aging Technogeek » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:18 pm

Welcome to Mint, troyj.

Could you please try to be a little more positive about using Mint? :lol: :lol:
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Re: Hello

Post by craig10x » Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:55 pm

That's really funny...aging technogeek...i almost fell off my chair :lol:

Not only do you get great help here but you can have a lot of fun too :wink:

And welcome to you troyj.....I came from years of windows and even a brief stint with the Mac for about 6 months...and then discovered the wonderful world of linux, which i now use exclusively...I also love the fact that you can buy yourself a great windows laptop (like my Toshiba 17") for about $600, wipe out windows and install Linux Mint instead...and no need to spend $2600 on a Mac Book Pro 17".... :)

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