Alexander , Distro customizing

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Alexander , Distro customizing

Postby techsupport » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:40 pm

Hi I am Alexander. I use mint 11 katya main distro.

I am trying to completely customize my distro so I have a bunch of coding questions and im not really sure where else to go so I thought I would try the forums here. I really would like to talk to some people that have some experience in altering distros. I am trying to build a tricked out distro of mint to release free. I have already built a sweet desktop cube and tons of visual effects for everything but I also want to add some more features like a different menu system, super small and connect to only, sound clips for a ton of stuff like login and password attempts and so on. I also want to change the rotating gears in the dektop to a 3d model I designed because the gears are cool and all but I really want something awesome in the middle of the cube when I am spinning it to show people. I have a ton of ideas for addons and changes. I have a ton of coding experience in other systems and game development but not nearly as much editing the OS it's self so any help, suggestions, ideas and so on would be greatly appreciated. I already have the site for building custom distros info so thats not as useful but any sites for coding ideas on what im trying to do would be awesome. If anyone else is interested in working on this with me I can send a video of what I have so far. I own a computer repair shop and I get tons of OS installs so I am always trying to convert windows users to linux and I want a distro that comes stock with tons of eyecandy and all the apps my clients want I also want to make a few scripts for auto updating and auto terminal entries, not sure quite how to do the auto terminal but I want to figure it out so my customers never have to touch a terminal. The idea for me is to convert as many windows users to linux as I can in a super easy way for them.

Any takers ?

Thanks. Alexander :D

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