Episode 40: Klaatu interview pt 2

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Episode 40: Klaatu interview pt 2

Post by COlsen » Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:12 am

News & personal updates
0:01:35 Linux Mint 9 KDE RC released

0:01:52 mintCast has a forum on the Linux Mint web site

0:08:50 Klaatu talks about SELF

0:19:28 Zenoss was mentioned on FLOSS Weekly

0:22:47 Lengthy Slackware discussion

0:24:26 Klaatu discussed Slackware on Bad Apples podcast episodes 4x16, 4x17 and 4x18

Results of the Linux Multimedia Sprint
0:26:28 Interview with Klaatu

The announcement

The torrent file

Web sites Klaatu is involved with:






http://www.unixporn.com/ – it’s not ****, it’s unix

Contact Klaatu:
klaatu (at) hackerpublicradio.org
klaatu (at) member.fsf.org

Web site of the week
1:09:07 How-To Geek

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