Episode 47: Unity and GNOME Shell

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Episode 47: Unity and GNOME Shell

Post by rothgar » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:18 am

Hey guys,

In case you missed it, the podcast was posted earlier this week. Check out mintcast.org for the download. Here are the show notes.

News & personal updates

0:01:05 Charles will have article in February Linux Journal

0:01:42 Linux Journal magazine is looking for writers
Author info
Author’s Guide
2011 Editorial Calendar

0:02:54 Intel Core i5 and i7 processors have problems with integrated video in Linux

0:09:06 Phone stuff

0:14:00 Linux Mint 10 “Julia” released

0:17:26 Linux Kernel Patch
Linux desktop may soon be a lot faster

Unity and GNOME Shell

0:23:38 Introduction

0:24:25 Unity

Shuttleworth on Unity
First Look at the Ubuntu Unity Desktop Environment (includes install instructions)
Ubuntu UMPC Edition
Unity multitouch video

0:44:18 GNOME Shell

To install GNOME Shell: Install gnome-shell from the repository.
To launch GNOME Shell: run the command line gnome-shell –replace

Web site of the week

0:55:20 GNU/Linux distro timeline
Listen to the official Linux Mint podcast at mintcast.org
Read about my personal projects on my site 1n73r.net
Follow my updates on twitter/identica

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