Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre

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Episode 50: Interview with Clem Lefebvre

Post by COlsen » Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:17 am

Charles and Rothgar's final episode is the long-awaited interview with Clement Lefebvre, creator and maintainer of Linux Mint.

News & personal updates
0:01:23 This is the last episode for Rothgar and Charles. A new team is gearing up to continue producing the podcast.

0:03:02 Rothgar attended CES, and wrote articles detailing the best and worst of CES.

0:03:22 Rothgar will be speaking at the Southern California Linux Expo in February.

Interview with Clem Lefebvre
0:04:47 Interview

Web site of the week
1:16:36 Linux Mint
Linux Mint Community

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