Giving back to our community.

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Giving back to our community.

Post by JamesAC » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:31 am

To our exemplary listeners-

Looking back, we have mostly been out of the mint community, this may have been mostly in part due to the lack of time in our daily lives or that we are just to caught up in our new found “fame” from hosting this wonderful show; but I feel as though we have somewhat strayed from the community and the forum for Linux Mint so much so that we have not posted anything regard shows in the forum since we began our new adventure. This behaviour isn’t that of a community driven podcast now is it? Our community is what drives us it is what prompted us to pick up where Charles and Rothgar left off, and it is a shame that we wandered away from the great people that make up the mint community.

Our community may be small but it is powerful, look what we have done, we have helped Clem mold what is now one of the best distributions out there right now! We have been there every step of the way in the shaping of our great Linux Mint.
I say this in the hopes that the community has not abandoned us, as 27 episodes has not seemed very long to us, as I see now that it has been over six months since we, as the mintCast, have contributed to the Linux Mint forum. We will be making a larger commitment to the community and will give back as you have given to us in helping us keep the dream of a Mint podcast alive.


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Re: Giving back to our community.

Post by ThistleWeb » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:56 pm

The show is alive while you guys release new episodes, you have been pumping them out at a rapid fire rate recently. People give back in their own ways, it doesn't mean that one is more or less valid than any other.

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