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LinuxMint LMDE stable

Postby der_micha2006 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:24 am

Hi all,
sorry, I hope this question is not to stupid...

I am new with linux mint LMDE but I am using Ubuntu since about 8 years.

I heard about the rolling release of LMDE what is really a great feature. So I decided to set up a server on work with Linux Mint LMDE.

I found some comments about stability but found no hints, that it might be instable.

But now I have a problem.

I startet to set up the server and ran into different conflicts, broken dependencies and so on. After additional investigation I recognized, that the used sources may not be very good for a productive server.

So I have following questions:
1. Can I switch sources to stable and, if yes, what are good sources for a productive system (in the old thread it is written it is not possible, but it is quite old)
2. If not, where can I get a LMDE with stable sources, the I would restart setting up the server before it is to late ...

If both is no, it makes no sense for me to use LMDE as a producive system, but I can not imagine this...

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Re: LinuxMint LMDE stable

Postby Monsta » Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:01 pm

You can switch to stable, here's the thread about it.

Running server on a rolling release is a bad idea anyway unless you enjoy fixing it, or just wish to learn Debian the hard way. :) LMDE is not technically a rolling release (it's based on the frozen snapshots of Debian Testing's repositories), but the same applies to it, to a certain degree.

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