LMDE a sleeping distro?

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Re: LMDE a sleeping distro?

Post by jjaythomas »

The way I see It
If your happy runnig a Debian system (and all that means/opinion) your a step more current than a stable (Squeeze) system and at the least it already has Multimedia support out of the box. AND unless it really dies we'll have a easier install when "Whezzy"(?) goes stable with a chance of some rolling in the meantime. :|

P.S. I do wonder thou when XFCE 4.10 rolls around (even the dev at XFCE.org says buggy rushed 4.6) will the Gome people be asked to wait for a UP :P

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Re: LMDE a sleeping distro?

Post by monkeyboy »

You would think one would commit a more proportional division of time to the project even a litle time spent on LMDE would mean alot.

There is a fair amount of heat being generated by main release KDE users, GNOME (in all its various incarnations) users and smaller amounts of heat from the lesser used DEs. So regardless of which project the code elves focus on they are going to take a hit from someone. I suggest we all get a beer and relax, things will get done when they get done.

Clem is as I understand not the only member of the team, one person could occasionally spend a little time updating LMDE not just have everyone 100% on the main edition. All this does is alienate users/customers Mint already have and tarnish its reputation, the old business adage says "it takes less to keep a customer than it takes to find a new one" kind of rings true here.

I do not have the insight into the inner working of the team you seem to have so I will bow to your superior knowledge of the process.

I'm have just become really disappointed in the distro and speaking my mind and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I could google and get 198 000 results in less than a second but one of those results would point here, and as you probably could guess that isn't what I'm looking for, I really don't want to have 197 999 more disappointing results.

If I were looking at new distro I would want to research it myself. I know my hardware, skills and the amount of available time I have. I would not expect anyone else to have as good of a grasp of my situation so their suggestions might not be right for me, however we all have our own ways of doing things. Enjoy your search
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Re: LMDE a sleeping distro?

Post by Jay-Kay »

If update packs dont work as planned, loose them. In every part of installation, welcome screen, download section, forum, mention the downside of rolling distro, and whoever doesnt like the way, can grab main Gnome.

I like linux mint and i like options.
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Re: LMDE a sleeping distro?

Post by clem »

They work exactly as planned. They're keeping Gnome 3.0 and other upstream breakages away from LMDE users. People have an option to bypass them and follow Testing or even Sid. There's nothing wrong with choice and just because some people think rolling is better for them doesn't mean it's better for everyone out there. As far as I'm concerned I'm not forcing people's hands on a Gnome 2 -> Gnome 3 upgrade until we reach Gnome 3.2 with MATE, MGSE and Cinnamon available as alternatives.

If you feel adventurous then good for you, enjoy the choice you're given and understand that with the next update pack EVERYBODY moves away from Gnome 2.

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