Kernel Panic while booting from USB

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Kernel Panic while booting from USB

Postby sandt1g3r » Thu May 10, 2012 5:32 am

Hi all

I am trying to install LMDE 2012.04 from a USB drive that I created using LinuxLive USB creator. However I get the following message everytime during boot :

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Begin: Mounting root file system ... / init: .: line 215: can't open '/scripts/casper'
[ X.XXXXXX] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Please suggest what I should try.

I am using a Sandy Bridge Laptop with Optimus

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Re: Kernel Panic while booting from USB

Postby Mathijn » Wed May 16, 2012 3:14 pm

I had the same problem, try unibootin to make a live usb.
Did that and it worked.

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Re: Kernel Panic while booting from USB

Postby hellfire695 » Wed May 16, 2012 3:24 pm

Okay here what you have to do

first call the local physcologist, make an appointment,
this will take some time, but once you get in bring the kernel
you have what its so afraid of, this may take some cognative therapy
and dont forget to coat the usb drive with anti anxiety drugs.

now in reality,try reformating the usb drive then try creating the bootable with unetbootin.
its most likely an error in the creation of the usb drive.

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