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login password not accepted

Post by dmhm » Sun May 13, 2012 2:36 pm

I installed LMDE 64 bit on what had been a windows partition (but is now btrfs) on a desktop computer (w/ a Gigabyte x58 w/ an i7) but unfortunately, it won't boot because my login password is rejected. I reinstalled it but the problem persists (and the same thing now occurs when I try to access another linux distro which had been working fine, until now).

So I am posting here to ask whether the LMDE login password problem can be resolved by eliminating or modifying a configuration file (using a recuperation disk) or whether I have to reinstall yet again or ...?

Any constructive advice will be appreciated.


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Re: login password not accepted

Post by irianx » Wed May 16, 2012 2:15 pm

Hi, here a short collection of possible causes:
1) NumLock is activated (either during installation or during login)
2) Other "lock" buttons are activated (e.g. shift-lock, rolling, ...)
3) Keyboard layout (language) has change between installation process and your login
4) Your keyboard is not working perfect (sporadically double-typing of specific letters)
You could also try to login at command line, using Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch from GUI to command line mode (switch back to GUI by Ctrl+Alt+F7 or any other Fx)
Hope this helps.
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Re: login password not accepted

Post by magnusanderssen » Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:30 pm

linux mint cinnamon 13
- i7 avec clavier k750 et problème MDM
- eeepc 1215p


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