My LMDE broken -boot hangs at flashing cursor

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My LMDE broken -boot hangs at flashing cursor

Postby professorsnapper » Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:42 pm

Howdy all,

Elsewhere I've posted about issues I'm having with the LXDE 11 RC installed on a bootable USB thumbdrive. Thankfully though, that thumbdrive works well enough for me to type in this message, because the LMDE installed on my Dell Mini Inspiron 10 netbook seems well and truly busted (sob!) ;)

So, I used the Update Manager to update packages (and have only since read posts suggesting that apt or synaptic be used for LMDE at this stage). The next time I booted, the install hangs at a single flashing cursor on a black screen, and the screen seems not to accept / reflect any keyboard input (except for the "escape" key, which makes a helpful bleating noise at me).

Yikes! Gadzooks! Egad! Alak! Any ideas, folks? (preferably on LMDE fixes, rather than any other old-school terms of dismay or surprise :) )


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Re: My LMDE broken -boot hangs at flashing cursor

Postby sumski » Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:38 am

can you boot into single user/recovery mode? If you can do:

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apt-get update

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apt-get dist-upgrade
and se if that helps
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