cannot get a good install of LMDE on x100e

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cannot get a good install of LMDE on x100e

Postby englebrp » Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:57 am

I downloaded and attempted to install LMDE 201109 32bit on my Lenovo x100e.

The first attempt was as a client in Virtualbox, an exasperating failure. The initial install worked fine and then I ran the update procedure. All looked good until I attempted to login. The mouse and the keyboard would not respond. I tried many different steps in trying to diagnose the problem. I deleted the virtual machine and made a second attempt changing the update procedure. Same results.

The second attempt was a fresh install on my x100e. I created a dvd and installed from it. Same results as above. I was able to get the mouse to respond by unplugging and then replugging. I plugged a USB keyboard in and it worked. Carrying a USB keyboard to plug into my netbook seems to be non solution.

I then installed Linux Mint 11 gnome and started the update procedure and it also was a dismal failure. There were many bad links when I tried to refresh the list using the refresh button. I started up aptitude and got a pretty complete update with a few urls that were not active. I select the updates to perfom, told it to go and it told me that the updates were coming from untrusted sources. I backed out, booted acronis home and restored my Win 7 Pro with Ubuntu 10.04 and Virtualbox and my machine was once again usable.

I searched google and this forum and have not found any answers to this dilemma, so I am asking for help in the forum.

Hopefully, someone can guide me down the path to success.

THANKS in advance,

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Re: cannot get a good install of LMDE on x100e

Postby ej64 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:59 am

Sorry to hear about your inconveniences. But honestly, I can't understand it. I've installed and ran LM / LMDE /Debian on a range of different machines and they were fine. Some tweaking here and there -- standard fare.
LMDE nowadays is somewhat special due to the update packages and the /latest repositories. You should always use the LMDE update tool and have a deep look into the update package notifications. In the beginning there's some work changing the repos in sources.list.

As of now my Thinkpad runs superbly under Debian/testing and LMDE.

What do you mean by: "There were many bad links when I tried to refresh the list using the refresh button." ? Perhaps for the new Mint release there's some traffic on the servers now. A little patience will cure that ...
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Re: cannot get a good install of LMDE on x100e

Postby spandey » Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:20 am

Did you try livecd and was it working fine?
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