Wubi-like installer for LMDE to install in a sub-directory?

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Wubi-like installer for LMDE to install in a sub-directory?

Postby pythonscript » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:04 pm

Is there a Wubi-like installer that I can use with Linux Mint Debian Edition (or the normal Linux Mint) so that I can use that install of Linux Mint from within Windows? I'd like to be able to install it in a sub-directory as well, so I can have all my normal folders in F: along with F:\Mint, and run it from within there. Is this possible? I've heard of the Mint4Win.exe, but I haven't started an install with it yet because it looks like it will obliterate everything on the drive, since there is no option to install it in a subdirectory.

EDIT: I guess I don't want this to be *completely* like Wubi, because I won't be able to select an operating system at boot. I basically want an exe in the subdirectory that will bring up whatever version of Linux I install within a separate window. No need so sync files, as long as I have internet access from within the portable Linux.

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Re: Wubi-like installer for LMDE to install in a sub-directo

Postby diazepan11 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:21 pm

there isn't for lmde.

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