Default window-border themes developed by Linux Mint?

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Default window-border themes developed by Linux Mint?

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I wonder if Linux Mint should fork the window-border themes that currently ship with the OS but were developed by the GNOME project? These themes are currently in the metacity-common APT package.

I was going to make some suggestions upstream (GNOME Project). I searched on "Atlanta," since that's the window-border theme I'm using, and the most recent issue report on this is the following:
Which went like so:
  1. In Dec. 2008, someone made a suggestion that I happen to agree with (and provided a patch to implement it).
  2. The patch was immediately reviewed and tentatively approved.
  3. In Aug. 2010, the contributor followed up to ask about the status. There were no further comments until ...
  4. In Mar. 2016, the issue was closed as RESOLVED/OBSOLETE.
The issues I'd like to mention about the Atlanta window-border theme are:
  1. Inactive title bars should be some color other than the window borders.
    • (This could affect other window-border themes as well, not just Atlanta.)
    • Sometimes a user is looking for inactive title bars; the existing color combination (at least in the Atlanta theme) makes it hard to find those titlebars. They look not only like window borders, but also like many toolbars & menubars.
    • A good inactive titlebar color (not tested by me) might be 1/3 (one third) of the way from the window-border color to the active-titlebar color; since the active-titlebar color is chosen separately by the user (System Settings "Themes" window, Themes tab, Controls option), this would mean a dynamically computed inactive-titlebar color.
    • If that isn't feasible, then the inactive-titlebar color could be 1/2 way from the window-border color to black, or in dark window-border themes, possibly 1/2 way from the window-border color to white.
  2. Window-decoration buttons (minimize, maximize, close, etc.) should inverse-video (or something like that) when the user mouses-over them. This is especially valid because the current buttons in some window-borders themes don't have visible edges that would allow the user to tell whether the mouse pointer is over the icon when near the edge of the icon.
  3. Christian Persch wrote:In the Atlanta theme, there's always a vseparator at the start of the right-hand titlebar buttons, e.g. if you set the button_layout pref to "menu:close" what you actually get is [menu] [title] [vseparator close]. The vseparator is just unnecessary, eats up space and looks ugly. I propose to remove it; attached patch does this.
I think issues A & B are fundamental enough human-factors issues that they should be resolved in whatever window-border themes ship with the OS, rather than telling the user "You have to download some Cinnamon spices if you want those issues fixed."

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