Chromium 20 not installing properly

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Chromium 20 not installing properly

Postby Myself » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:28 am

I had to download and install version 20 of Chromium as I cannot upload files to some sites using flash with any new version of Chrome.

After installing Chromium 20 opening Chromium still only runs version 17.
Synaptic says that version 17 and 20 are installed which is kinda weird as normally programs update rather than having two versions installed simultaneously.

I have tried to use Synaptic re-install Chromium from SID repos but Synaptic only wants to un-install it!!!

Seems strange that a web browser would be allowed to be so out of date and without the facility to easily update.
Chrome updates in Update Manager but as I mentioned I cannot use it due to unresolved uploading issues with flash in the last 4 versions of Chrome.

I have Firefox set to use a proxy and don't wish to keep playing around with settings and anyway, with problems due to optic neuritis, I find it easier to read websites with Chromium/Chrome than with Firefox, even with zooming.
Has anyone else noticed it is easier to read sites in Chromium/Chrome than Firefox?

Has anyone else got problems with Chromium/Chrome trying to translate English to English, or translating when not required and also the pop-ups that offer the original text blocking page functionality - e.g. buttons ? It would be so nice if Google could write some code to provide a button so the user can decide when they wish to have a page conveniently translated.
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Re: Chromium 20 not installing properly

Postby craigevil » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:03 pm

For Chrome go to Plugins and disable the built-in flash, this way it uses the version every other browser uses.
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