Firefox crashes when launched from quick launch

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Firefox crashes when launched from quick launch

Postby Loceka » Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:56 am


I use LMDE up to date with Mate and since the last Firefox update (30.0), it crashes every time it is launched from the quick launch bar when it has to restore a saved session.

What is weird is that it does not happen when launched from the mint menu or from a console (therefore I have no error log to put here).

I suspect I am not the only one having this issue but as it is pretty new, I've read nothing about it yet. It is pretty annoying as well as peculiar so if you could tell me where to find information in order to fix it, It'd be nice.


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Re: Firefox crashes when launched from quick launch

Postby DrDynamic » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:19 am

I'm getting similar issues with two different desktop pcs. Firefox crashes on start from desktop icon and menu, but will start from terminal. However, I am also getting sporadic crashes while surfing. I tried the usual reinstall and reset of firefox as well as disabling of plugins etc. Nothing seems to work. I think this version of firefox is just really buggy. For a quick fix I just installed iceweasel. I must say I am pleasantly impressed. It's very stable, it works with all my usual plugins, and it looks the way firefox should(not like chrome). I think its built on a older version of firefox maybe thats why it seems more stable. Or mabye because its built specifically for debian is the reason for the stability, who knows? Anyways, I think I'm gonna stick with it until firefox gets sorted out.

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