can not install remastersys.

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can not install remastersys.

Postby wricardo10 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:32 pm

I add the repository, made apt-get update
but if I try sudo apt-get install remastersys I get this(spanish):

remastersys : Depende: live-initramfs pero no va a instalarse

(remastersys : Depends: live-initramfs could not be installable)

Remastersys depends of live-initramfs, live-boot and live-initramfs-tools. But if you install live-initramfs you lost live-boot and live-initramfs-tools.

How do I can Install live-boot, live-initramfs-tools, live-initramfs together.
Some tweak en /etc/apt/preference?

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