LMDE Xfce and KDE meta packages?

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LMDE Xfce and KDE meta packages?

Postby DrD » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:07 pm

I am wondering if there is a way - using linux mint debian edition as a base - to install Linux mint XFCE, and KDE editions onto the same install as the default. IE, not just the desktop environments alone, but the fully fleshed out environments found in their respective linux mint editions.

I used to do this in ubuntu by installing xubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop. I now prefer Linux mint, over ubuntu, so was just wondering if there are equivalent meta packages that will give me the other mint editions, without much fuss. Another member mentioned that these are based on LMDE, so I thought I'd start over here.

Anyone know?

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Re: LMDE XKCE and KDE meta packages?

Postby tdockery97 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:55 pm

My end goal was entirely different than yours I think. Sounds like you want to have all DE's available to use, which is fine. I took the stock LMDE (I used the 201108RC), installed kde-standard, and then uninstalled all the non-KDE stuff so that I ended up with a pure KDE LMDE. So yes, it works and is very easy to do. It is time-consuming if you want to remove the other stuff. The drawback with having all those DE's installed is that there is no separation of the apps, etc. Your menu in each DE is going to show all the stuff you have installed.

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