Brother HL-2280DW /Mint 64bit install guide

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Brother HL-2280DW /Mint 64bit install guide

Postby w6kkt » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:24 pm

1. Using Mint package manager install ia32-libs

2. Brother website: Download "cuppswrapper driver & lpr driver for your model (*.deb files)

3. Copy above downloaded drivers into a common directory.

4. Open a terminal into the above common directory.

5. type: sudo dpkg -i --force-all *.deb

6. Open desktop >Menu>Administration>Printing & setup your printer.

7. I use "localhost:631" to check everything and print a test page.

Being as old as I am (78) I need everything simple, The above should work for 32 bit drivers
on a 64bit OS.
Intel Pentium G3220
Asrock H81M-ITX mb
8gb PC3 ram
1x samsung 128gb ssd
Samsung dvd burner
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OS: Mint 17 Mate , Ubuntu 12.04
Jesse (w6kkt)

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Re: Brother HL-2280DW /Mint 64bit install guide

Postby justhelp » Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:08 pm

My situation is a bit different and hopefully you find it helpful.

I have the HL 2280DW printer setup wirelessly from a Windows7 successfully.
- Obtain the URI from Windows7 - Programs - Brothers - Status Monitor
e.g: IP_192_168_1_25

1 - on to Mint to install 2 drivers which are a must and available in Brother website. ... #HL-2280DW

2 - sudo system-config-printer

3 - Type in the IP address you gathered from the Windows box.
e.g : IPP://

4 - search for driver - Look for appropriate driver as "HL2280DW-CUPS" (do not scroll too fast to HL-xxxxx section, you might miss it)

Make sure the printer is on.

Save and Done. Test the Print.

All the instruction from my memory .. hopefully I do not missed any critical step. It is pretty intuitive once you have the IP address.

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Re: Brother HL-2280DW /Mint 64bit install guide

Postby lamimartin » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:17 am

Thanks, your step by step instructions worked for me
I have 2h of installation experience on Linux... it helped !

Once I had the HL-2280DW printer installed, i went trough the printer properties.
I selected CHANGE button on device URL line and clicked on NETWORK PRINTER
It triggers the detection of my printer which is connected trough WIFI, not USB
WAIT, up until the second Brother printer shows up. Select the one defined as AppSocket/JetDirect printer via DNS-SD with APPLY button
Device URL is now defined for shared network printing trough Wifi.
Use the PRINT TEST PAGE button and it should work !

Tip: This printer/scanner can only be set for USB or Wifi, not both. Wifi setup is easier when inserting the wifi key direcly onto the printer control panel.

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