Upgrade video from onboard to nvidia

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Upgrade video from onboard to nvidia

Postby temper » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:30 pm

I'm looking for the proper procedure to install a new Nvidia video card in my existing LMDE machine that is currently using onboard intel graphics.

I've read the nvidia sticky post and many other posts on the subject, but I'm nervous about just going ahead and doing it since I have a system that I'm happy with now.
Ok, some key questions:

Should I install the video card first, but keep my monitor plugged into onboard video until I have the driver installed properly?
Do I need to disable the onboard video in the bios? Remove (blacklist or remove) the driver? Before or after plugging the monitor into the new video card?
Do I need to power off before moving the monitor to the new card?

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Re: Upgrade video from onboard to nvidia

Postby trapperjohn » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:04 pm


Here's what I would do if your BIOs does in fact have a setting for disabling the integrated GPU.
Turn of the computer and unplug it.
Install the NVidia card.
Attach the monitor to it and plug in the power.
Boot into the BIOs and disable the on board GPU.

At first you will be automatically using the nouveau driver which your kernel will know to use at boot. Later, you may choose to install the non-free driver.

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