SATA Controller Card (PCI) - Will a Bluray drive work?

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SATA Controller Card (PCI) - Will a Bluray drive work?

Postby KingBongo » Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:07 am

Hi. I have a computer with a SATA controller card (PCI). Right now, it works great with SATA hard drives. My question is, will it work with other stuff like CD/DVD/Bluray drives and whatever else? I am particularly interested in extending my system with a Bluray drive.

I am thinking that the only thing the SATA controller card does is to add a few more SATA ports to the computer. If that task can be accomplished successfully, it doesn't matter what kind of device you plug into it. As long as the device is supported (for SATA) it should work regardless of the extra SATA controller. Am I correct or am I totally out in the dark?

In short, will I be able to get a working Bluray drive connected to my SATA controller card?

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Re: SATA Controller Card (PCI) - Will a Bluray drive work?

Postby xenopeek » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:46 am

In short, yes :wink: If the card now works fine with SATA harddisks, it will work fine with other SATA devices also.

Debian should be able to read blu-ray discs I think (you can download Debian Stable on a blu-ray disc). But do some research if you want to watch blu-ray movies, this may not work out-of-the-box. BTW I don't have a blu-ray drive, as I'm boycotting this technology. Blu-ray, or as I like to call it bull-ray, is patented and it may be against the law in your country to actually circumvent the DRM protection with software to be able to watch a movie--even though you bought and own the blu-ray movie, hence bull-ray and my boycott...

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