Mint Debian on HP Mini 210-3025SA

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Mint Debian on HP Mini 210-3025SA

Postby larry77 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:31 am

Dear All,
I am planning to buy a netbook. HP Mini 210-3025SA caught my attention and you find (at the end of the poste) its specifications (they are in French, but it should not be a big problem). Normally even "plain" Debian works well (i.e. no hardware recognition problems) on HP machines, but...has anyone any experience with Mint Debian on this particular model?
From the technical specifications, is there anything I should be worried about/bear in mind?


Processeur Intel Atom N570
Cadencé à 1,66 GHz
Système d'exploitation Windows® 7 Edition Starter
Carte graphique Intel HD
Résolution écran 1 024 x 600 pixels (WSVGA)
Taille d'écran 10,1"
Autres caractéristiques de l'écran Rétro-éclairé par LED
BrightView Infinity
Disque dur 250 Go
SATA 5400 rpm
Lecteur de cartes mémoire Oui
USB 3 ports USB 2.0
Modem/Ethernet Interface réseau Ethernet 10/100BT intégrée
WiFi WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Oui
Connectique audio 1 x Casque, 1 x Microphone
Sortie TV 1 x VGA
Son Système Beats Sound
Webcam 0,3 MPixels avec microphone intégré
Batterie Lithium-Ion 6 cellules, offrant jusqu'à 10 heures d'autonomie
Accessoires fournis Batterie, adaptateur secteur
Logiciels fournis Clé d'activation nécessaire pour les logiciels
Office pré-installés sur ce PC :
HP QuickWeb
HP Setup Manager
HP Support Assistant
HP CoolSense
HP Recovery Manager
Beats Audio
Arcsoft Webcam
Arcsoft Total Media Theatre
HP Games powered by WildTangent
HP Connection Manager
Windows Live Essentials
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Dimensions Hauteur : 3,2 cm
Largeur : 26,8 cm
Longueur : 19,1 cm
Poids 1,39 kg

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Re: Mint Debian on HP Mini 210-3025SA

Postby lahirdenganselamat » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:06 am

maybe you'll get better experience if you try to run LMDE or main edition on that type using live USB.
When I buy my laptop, I went to the store then asking permission to try using live USB, it's really great just to try using mint on a lot of different machine :D

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Re: Mint Debian on HP Mini 210-3025SA

Postby larry77 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:11 am

Yep, that should be the way to go (btw, can I just use unetbootin + e.g. the iso image for Mint Debian to get a live system on a memory stick?), we talk about an online seller!
That is the tricky bit...and the reason why I would like to get some info in advance.


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Re: Mint Debian on HP Mini 210-3025SA

Postby Garvan » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:15 am

You must be careful about the type of touchpad that it uses. My HP Mini has a touchpad where the left and right buttons are part of the touchpad surface, only demarcated by lines drawn on the pad. This does not work properly with any version of Linux, because the mouse moves when you try clicking. If you are happy to use double taps instead of clicks, then it is functional, but I find the right click very difficult. You need to tap with 3 fingers, or find a tiny spot at the bottom right of the pad.

I tried checking the mouse of the HP mimi you are thinking of buying, but I could not see it clearly. If you check Ubuntu or this forum, searching for HP mini you will see many unhappy customers.

Notebook: HP 14 Notebook PC 14-r003TX, i5-4210U @ 1.7 GHz, 8GB RAM, Linux Mint 17.2 (Dual boot with Win 10)
Notebook: DELL latitude E5520, i5-2520M @ 2.50 GHz, 4GB RAM, Linux Mint 17.2

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