HDMI sound works and it doesnt!

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HDMI sound works and it doesnt!

Postby Giroscopic » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:13 am

This may be a terribly newbie question... but....

EDIT: i run LMDE 12, Xfce , clean install
im trying to get HDMI sound to go out of my tv, HDMI was successfully configurated.
Alsa sounds are unmuted, all of them, so that is not the case

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 aplay -D plughw:0,3 /usr/share/alsa/sounds/Noise.wav

this code successfully outputs a test noise out from the tv, but i cannot get any aplication to go out from the tv. So im guessing this is purely a configuration file misshappen.

where should i look?

thanks in advance
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Re: HDMI sound works and it doesnt!

Postby Bonsaii » Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:04 pm

Make sure you have all pulseaudio parts,
like pavucontrol and the paprefs installed.
Then check the settings.

Some have luck with installing the gnome-mixer.
It shows the HDMI options.

Next place to look at is Banshee, which is known to mute sound.
If you can, remove mono-runtime.

Last but not least, I removed all Mate packages.
That solved ALL my remaining sound problems.

Good luck!

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