How To Install over PXE+SMB (w/o NFS)

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How To Install over PXE+SMB (w/o NFS)

Post by patpat » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:02 pm

Get your PXE install running in 10 minutes.

1 ) Get Serva 2.1 (free) from here
2 ) Set Serva DHCP Settings (if you already have a working DHCP server remember setting Serva as proxyDHCP
remeber to check the BINL addon .
3 ) Set Serva TFTP Settings
4 ) close/restart Serva
5 ) create a directory under \NWA\ i.e. \NWA\Mint_17_Mate_64\
6 ) now copy all the content of linuxmint-17-mate-dvd-64bit.iso into \NWA\Mint_17_Mate_64\
7 ) create the file \NWA\Mint_17_Mate_64\ServaAsset.ini

Code: Select all

;-Serva v2.1 Non-Windows Asset Information File
;  Mint 17 Qiana Live
;-Tested on:
;  linuxmint-17-cinnamon-dvd-64bit.iso
;  linuxmint-17-mate-dvd-64bit.iso
;  linuxmint-17-cinnamon-dvd-32bit.iso
;  linuxmint-17-mate-dvd-32bit.iso
;  \NWA_PXE\ offered as MS share NWA_PXE_SHARE user=serva password=avres
;  Get INITRD_N11.GZ from (2 Kb)
;  When using Serva as proxyDHCP the external DHCP server must be able to answer 
;   to BOOTP requests; if it fails try replacing ip=bootp by ip=dhcp
asset    = Mint 17 Qiana Live
platform = 64bit
kernel   = NWA_PXE/$HEAD_DIR$/casper/vmlinuz
append   = showmounts toram root=/dev/cifs initrd=NWA_PXE/$HEAD_DIR$/casper/initrd.lz,NWA_PXE/$HEAD_DIR$/casper/INITRD_N11.GZ boot=casper netboot=cifs nfsroot=//$IP_BSRV$/NWA_PXE_SHARE/$HEAD_DIR$ NFSOPTS=-ouser=serva,pass=avres,ro ip=bootp ro
8) Get INITRD_N11.GZ from and copy it under

9 ) now create a MS Share where \NWA_PXE\ is offered as NWA_PXE_SHARE with i.e. user=serva password=avres

9 ) close/restart Serva

10 ) Boot your client

that's it...

For more detailed instructions see this Serva Application Note
chapter 3.6 Mint



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