Nemo slow and unreliable in Linux Mint 15 Olivia (32-bit)

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Nemo slow and unreliable in Linux Mint 15 Olivia (32-bit)

Postby mensfort » Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:43 am

After adding 2 NAS drives to /etc/fstab, my system is not reliable anymore:

// /media/HHA cifs username=admin,password=Frida1234,wsize=65536,rsize=65536 0 0
// /home/nas cifs username=admin,password=Frida1234,wsize=65536,rsize=65536 0 0

I'm using the latest Synology drive 1304 with 2TByte.

* It takes 60 seconds to open NEMO.
* During backup to the NAS it is freezing sometimes.
* Repeatable: When I go to work 100km from home, I never shut down my PC. When I arrive, NEMO is extremely slow (because it is searching the remote NAS?). Because of this, NEMO is not responding for minutes and then suddenly has a pop-up. When I try to move to another directory, it takes another 5 minutes... same when I try to open a picture, a document or whatever. WORKAROUND: Switch off the PC and switch on again, then Nemo has normal speed again.
Conclusion: When using a NAS and have a small Wifi hickup, the PC is getting very very slow with file access. Maybe it is not Nemo...???

System: HP Pavilion g series laptop with Linux Mint 15. I am using a lot of Eclipse, Virtualbox etc. to write software.

Do I need additional options in FSTAB? Or install another program for my NAS?

My other issues about Linux Olivia will be elsewhere in this Forum, I'm using Linux 11 because that is the ONLY STABLE VERSION FOR LINUX MINT!!! I like Kathya!!! My customers are using Xubuntu, because LinuxMinut is still unreliable and Kathya has no touch-screen drivers. Please fix issues.

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