HOW TO: Install Zukitwo (Unified GTK2/3 Theme)

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HOW TO: Install Zukitwo (Unified GTK2/3 Theme)

Postby bwat47 » Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:59 pm

I installed LMDE on my laptop the other day, after my brief foray with arch. I noticed the GTK3 apps looked terrible to say the least, so I tried to install my favorite gtk theme, zukitwo, which has the best matching GTK2/3 theme I've seen. I found that neither of the theme engines I needed were in the repos (murrine was way too outdated, unico engine not available.)

I managed to find a few debs on launchpad that install fine on LMDE and work perfectly with this theme: ... es-murrine ... hive-extra

With these installed you can download the theme here: ... -203936861 and just drop the them in your /usr/share/themes folder or your ~./themes folder.

Having these engines installed may also allow you to drop in ubuntu's ambiance gtk2/3 theme as well, but this unico package may be too old for that (haven't tried it). When I tried newer versions of the engines I ran into dependency issues with gtk3.

You will also want to edit your zukitwo gtkrc file and change nautilus-e.rc at the botton to nautilus.rc so nautilus looks normal, and change the gnome panel background to the one that comes with the theme. hopefully this helps someone :)

Screenshots of final result:

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Re: HOW TO: Install Zukitwo (Unified GTK2/3 Theme)

Postby zerozero » Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:53 pm

covered here

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