HowTo: replace sun-java with openjdk

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HowTo: replace sun-java with openjdk

Postby mockturtl » Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:44 pm

Great info from craigevil on the debian forums. I didn't see this make the rounds in October, and it seems to be snagging natty/katya users.

craigevil wrote:Removal of sun-java6 from Debian -
As said in one of my previous blog post, we, Debian, were going to remove sun-java6 packages from the archive once critical security issues would come. It was supposed to happen sooner and later and here we are. The version 29 (see the #645881 Debian bug) of the Oracle proprietary JVM has been released. It fixes some critical issues but, because of the DLJ removal, Debian is no longer able to distribute it.

Unfortunately, we have no other choice than asking for a removal from the archive and promote the use of the openjdk 6 & 7.
The conclusion is:
apt-get --purge remove sun-java6-jre && apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

So long Oracle and thanks for all the fish!


IntelliJ complains OpenJDK isn't supported. We'll see.

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