How to install Daggerfall in DOSBox 0.74 LMDE 201109 Gnome

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How to install Daggerfall in DOSBox 0.74 LMDE 201109 Gnome

Postby ananmad » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:51 pm

Daggerfall is a free game, released by Bethesda that runs on Dos. LMDE repos thankfully come with DOSBox, which will allow us to play this classic game.
PLEASE do not post questions, because I am a noob. I just made this guide for the few and far that wanted things to go a little easier.

To download Daggerfall for free, here is the link:
Scroll down a little bit, and there is a "download game" option for you.

Make sure you also download DOSBox through software manager.

Extract Daggerfall to a location of your choice.
For the sake of this guide, I extracted Daggerfall in /root/home/yourusernamehere!/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall . So, yeah, make sure you make the appropriate folders and make sure you extract into the Daggerfall folder if you want to follow this guide to the T. yourusernamehere! is YOUR USERNAME. Not some fancy code. My username, for instance, is tyler, so I put /home/tyler/DOSGAMES etc. Adjust for your own system.
/root is what you see when you click "Computer". Knowing the exact "route" of where you extracted the folders DFCD, and DAGGER is important.

Next, now that you have downloaded both Dosbox and Daggerfall, and have extracted Daggerfall in a specific space (that you know the route of), you must change up the configuration file. The configuration file in LMDE 201109 Gnome is in the /home/([username])/.dosbox directory. You need to get into that directory in order to alter the file.
The easiest way that I found was open your terminal and do this:

Code: Select all

mv -i .dosbox/ dosbox

Keep your terminal up, and go to your home folder. You should see a folder labled "DOSBox" now. Open that folder, and click on the dosbox-0.74.conf file.

Now, change the "memsize=16" into "memsize=32".

This would be a good point to change up a lot of things having to do with performance.
Here is a great guide that can help you with that:
Scroll down and read what the other users posted, some updates for future versions (i.e. the version you have now is more updated than the one the post was referring to).

After this, exit out (make sure you save!), and go back to your terminal and do this:

Code: Select all

mv -i .dosbox/ dosbox

You should be ready to get started on the installation!


Start up DOSBox.


Code: Select all

mount c /home/yourusernamehere!/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall -freesize 1000


Code: Select all

mount d /home/yourusernamehere!/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall/DFCD -t cdrom -label Daggerfall


Change to your d drive. Type:

Code: Select all


Make sure you read this before moving on!

Once you start installing, you might have no functionality of your mouse, and you might not be able to exit once you start. So please, read ahead, and if you have to write down these next steps so that when you get there, you will know what to do.

To start the installation type:

Code: Select all


The Daggerfall install stuff should come up. If you need to go back and change the sound settings, you can open this badboy up again and change it (I had to do this the first time cuz I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know how to get my mouse functioning on the outside of DOSBox lol).

Alright, go ahead and go with all the default stuff. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THE INSTALL SIZE HUGE! This gets rid of the use of having a CD which is very beneficial. I'm pretty sure it makes the game run a lot smoother too.

Eventually you'll come to the sound settings. Choose Auto-detect, detect sound settings. Sound Blaster 16 should come up. Go back, go to "Select Midi", and choose Sound Blaster 16. You can even test it if you want. Now go back, and you should be all good.

Once that is all done, you definently want to install the patch.

Go to your c drive:

Code: Select all


Go to your DAGGER folder:

Code: Select all


Now execute the latest patch provided to you DAG213.EXE:

Code: Select all


It'll keep asking you if you want to fix the game, more or less. Just keep pressing " y ".


Everytime you want to play simply start up DOSBox and type the following:

Code: Select all

mout c /home/yourusernamehere!/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall -freesize 1000
mount d /home/yourusernamehere!/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall/DFCD -t cdrom -label Daggerfall

P.S. Just as a little tip, to improve your performance before you start entering the code to start up your game, press ALT+ENTER, to enter fullscreen.
P.P.S. Once you're all done and what not, type "exit" to leave DOSBox.
P.P.P.S. If DOSBox ever messes up on you, and you can't do anything, do the following: CTRL+ALT+F1. This will take you to a terminal. Now type the code:

Code: Select all

pidof dosbox

Whatever number appears, now type:

Code: Select all

kill [number from before]

Now, exit by pressing: CTRL+ALT+F7.
You can now safely shutdown your computer, or even simply start up DOSBox again by pressing: ALT+F2, and typing in DOSBox.

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Re: How to install Daggerfall in DOSBox 0.74 LMDE 201109 Gno

Postby xenopeek » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:10 am

Thanks for sharing! Daggerfall is one of my old time favourites :wink:

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Re: How to install Daggerfall in DOSBox 0.74 LMDE 201109 Gno

Postby mishugashu » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:24 pm

This is pretty old, but I made a few enhancements in case someone comes in here in the future.

First, make a copy of the dosbox config file and call it 'daggerfall.conf'.

Code: Select all

cp ~/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf ~/.dosbox/daggerfall.conf

Add these lines to the bottom of the file underneath [autoexec] using a text editor (use the same technique as in the post, or use vim/nano, or use ctrl-h to show hidden files in your file browser):

Code: Select all

mount c /home/YOURNAME/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall -freesize 1000
mount d /home/YOURNAME/DOSGAMES/Daggerfall/DFCD -t cdrom -label Daggerfall

And when you want to load daggerfall, call it with this:

Code: Select all

dosbox -conf ~/.dosbox-0.74/daggerfall.conf

You can even make a desktop launcher:

Code: Select all

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/dosbox -conf /home/YOURNAME/.dosbox/daggerfall.conf

The autoexec process makes it so daggerfall will automatically mount and start the game as soon as it's launched, and the "exit" at the end of the commands will make it so you're not left with a shell process, it'll automatically close the window when you quit the game.

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