Three Minor Bugs on eeePC 901

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Three Minor Bugs on eeePC 901

Postby finjs » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:03 am

Just moving a message I'd mistakenly posted in Xfce two days ago


It's my first time here. I've just installed Linux Mint and I'm very pleased with the outcome. My congratulations to you all, you're really doing a good job.

I've just come across three minor bugs that you may want to know. My specs are:
- Linux Mint Debian Xfce 32-bit
- Asus eeePC 901, SSD: 4 Gb + 16 Gb, previously running Xandros

1st bug - Tricky

Sound can be turned up, down, and off with the keyboard dedicated keys. But once off, sound can't be turned on again from the keyboard (even though I'm warned "Sound's on", it's not). The only way to effectively turn sound on again is to do it with Mixer where only the third menu option's control works, that is "Playback: Audio interne Steréo analogique (PulseAudio Mixer)". All other controls in the other menu items aren't able to turn the sound on.

I've tested all other "mixers" available. None works.

2nd bug - Straightforward

In the Thunar file manager, the "Permanently Remove..." option doesn't work when more than one files are selected. Deleting several files at a time can only be done in two steps: sending them to trash and emptying the trash. Note "Permanently Remove..." works with a single file.

3rd bug - Simple

After saving a session, on the next boot the system does remember an open window but it doesn't remember its position on the screen. The window always goes to the top left corner.

I hope all that helps.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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