Postgresql updates and upgrade to v9.0.3

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Postgresql updates and upgrade to v9.0.3

Postby CiaW » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:49 pm

I thought I'd post this just in case any of the rest of you are using Postgresql on your system. In yesterday's pending updates I saw updates for postgresql v8.4 as well as an 'upgrade' to v9.0.3 so I'd end up having both versions on my system. I wasn't sure whether pgadmin3 version 1.10.5 (current testing version) is compatible with v9, and the newest version of pgadmin3 is 1.12 and that's only available via the experimental repo. I went to the web site for pgadmin3, and it appears it might be but it wasn't specifically mentioned.

So I did the 8.4 updates and held off on the 9.0.3 and found this topic on Debian forums: ... es#p351587 which only has 1 message so far, essentially it says that there are now 2 instances of postgresql server running, 1 for each version. I only have a small database at the moment, 2 servers for 1 small database is sort of overkill. :roll:

After mulling it over I decided to set those updates to ignore (as opposed to installing and migrating my data), since I plan to dual-boot with CentOS 6 if or when it's released; and I don't know whether there will be support for v9 yet, and I don't want to end up with possible issues with not being able to have access to my data without jumping through unknown hoops.

I wanted to post this as a heads-up to anyone else to make sure you check what's being updated before you select the option to install them. (These are showing as a level 3 update in MintUpdate.)

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