Update Packs - An Alternative?

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Re: Update Packs - An Alternative?

Postby viking777 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:23 am

zerozero wrote:i would like to go a few posts back (to Roken's post) where he raises one of my main concerns about this process: if incoming isn't appealing, and that means more updates, tracking testing closer, we will end up with users in latest (for safety, comfort and looking for a system that just works) and users in testing (for the fun, the thrill or whatever reason)

He's right, I think it has already happened. Like I said earlier, it is difficult to please all the people all the time, this was the reason for the opening suggestion, to see if there was a 'halfway house' where you get regular updates a from 'Safe Upgrade' but the trickier 'removal' type upgrades are handled by the 'pack' system. I have to say though that even if it existed I am not sure I would be using it, I am perfectly happy with LMDE the way it started out, and obviously so are quite a few others. It didn't need 'improving' in my opinion, though clearly some people disagree - but maybe those people would be better tracking Debian Stable. :shock: :shock: Oh no! another can of worms opened :lol:

The other factor is that the Mint team must have enough on their hands dealing with the variations of Mint that already exist without adding others.
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Re: Update Packs - An Alternative?

Postby Roken » Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:46 am

If I'm perfectly honest, I still see LMDE as a distro for those with experience, and I make a point of not pointing newbies to the Debian edition purely because it needs more maintenance which will inevitably lead to more problems for those without the experience to reoubleshoot Linux. This will result in a significantly higher number of help requests both here and on IRC. Let's face it, some of us are already overworked in that regard anyway (not to take anything away from those who give their time freely and voluntarilly, but is it really fair to ask them to take on double the workload?)

Whilst I understand the desire to make the Debian editions more new user friendly, I still think that the best path for new Linux users is to get familiar with the main edition, and make the move when they feel they have the confidence to troubleshoot, are comfortable in the terminal, and at least understand the rudimentaries of terminal usage (i.e. basic commands such as cd, ls, as well as terminal usage of apt-get), and have a basic understanding of the file structure.

It's not impossible to made Debian newbie friendly, but it's definitely a challenge.
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