MATE Configuration Editor?

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MATE Configuration Editor?

Postby deviceguru » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:14 pm

Maybe it was something I did wrong in my testing of LMDE 201204, but I couldn't find a way to adjust the set of system icons that showed up on my MATE desktop, i.e. the Computer, Home, Trash, Network icons. In normal Mint, there's a mintDesktop tool which provides a "Desktop Settings" panel for controlling the system desktop icons, and I think dconf-editor does it in gnome 3.

Eventually, I discovered that MATE has a MateConf Editor tool that provides easy MATE settings database editing capabilities. It can be downloaded via "apt-get install mate-conf-editor," and can be launched by typing "mateconf-editor" on the command line. It also shows up in MATE's menu as "Configuration Editor" after installation, with a red icon and description of "Directly edit your configuration database."

Using MateConf Editor, you can enable/disable the desktop icons by navigating to apps > caja > desktop.

Perhaps the pkg mate-conf-editor should be added to the standard MATE iso? Or is there a better alternative?

p.s. you can find my just-published review of MATE 201204 at

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Re: MATE Configuration Editor?

Postby mitchbw » Sun Jun 08, 2014 7:23 pm

Thanks Rick, :D
Just what I after.

I found the dconf method wouldn't work for me.

I still feel there should be a more .. conventional method for altering the settings.

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