Use Squeeze X-Server over Testing in LMDE?

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Use Squeeze X-Server over Testing in LMDE?

Postby slyfoxy12 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:12 pm

Hi all,

My situation:

I've got LMDE installed on my machine, two monitors and an ATI graphics card (Radeon HD 5670) and basically installing the ATI drivers on my system works for one monitor or for dual monitors in mirror mode but sadly not for two screens aside (software won't let it do dual monitor), even with a single monitor the screen glitches, sometimes everything on screen disappearing (except desktop background) and then coming back after a number of seconds, or pix-elation occurring or sometimes a full crash of the windows system which requires me to reboot. My main thought, like most warnings are for graphic drivers with testing software is that they're usually not up to scratch with the x-server system so they're usually pretty buggy.

My question:

Can I include the squeeze repositories for LMDE and then put a preference to use the stable version of X-server to then install the ATI drivers against? Is this even a good idea, whats the fall out? I use cinnamon as my desktop enviroment at the moment, would I have to give that up?

All constructive answers are welcome!


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Re: Use Squeeze X-Server over Testing in LMDE?

Postby benmajor » Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:38 pm


I've been in the process of banging my head trying to get an ATI HD Radeon 6770 to work. Noticed your reply didn't get a response here. I was curious to know if you ever got what you needed working.

For me, so far, no joy. I'm currently working through the instructions at: ... s-drivers/

Plz pray for me. ;/

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