nvidia is really a head ache

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nvidia is really a head ache

Postby ganeshanair » Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:46 pm

i been using lmde for a while but due to some circumstances i had to reinstall it so i am installing from scratch thankfully i had my archives saved so i copyed and replaced the cache anyway now i have lap and it has optimus suport and there for i need bumblebee but before i can install bumble bee i need to install nvdia can anyone tell me the correct way to install nvdia drivers i use termial i first install the glx ,then dkms then nvdia settings but when i isntall glx it says it needs dependencys then i install them but when evr i install nvidia settings the xorg file get disappered and the settings says the x driver is missing and i should type nvdia-xconfig which dont work if i install the nvdia settings then the glx the nvidia settings get removed so i am like :? so plz help

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Re: nvidia is really a head ache

Postby veggen » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:30 am

Please at least use basic punctuation, it's hard to follow your posts like this.
Anyway, to install the latest stable nVidia drivers, you can use this PPA. But be warned that many users reported that they can not see anything after reboot with Optimus. I have no experience myself with this, but would it be possible to install and configure bumblebee before rebooting, or disable the integrated GPU before you get everything running?

All in all, nVidia w/ Optimus and Linux are a rough combo. Luckily, nVidia did say something about supporting Optimus on Linux in the future.

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