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Re: Problems with Software Sources

Post by clem » Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:14 am


I had a chat with Linux Format.

The production of the DVD cover was given to a 3rd party company:

- It's broken in many places (Grub, system info file.. which is mandatory in Mint)
- It stacks about 10 DEs on top of each others with no care for integration... (Mint is all about giving you the BEST experience and a really well integrated desktop, that's why we have 4 separate editions for each of the 4 separate desktops we support)
- There are branding issues all over the place (Debian grub and lightdm themes)
- It's not even based on Mint 16, as thought by Linux Format, but on LMDE 201403.

To cut the story short:

- We're a great distribution and they're a great magazine. This is not like them and it isn't like us to produce something that ridiculously broken.
- They promised to be more strict on this and not to customize Mint anymore. They're sorry, they'll publish an errata in the next issue and it won't happen again.
- If you own that DVD, get rid of it. It's no good, it would have never passed QA and we would have never released something like that.

I'm a Linux Format reader myself and I can tell you it's a really good magazine. It's a pity this happened but we all make mistakes now and then. If you own this issue of LXF, enjoy the magazine itself, get rid of the DVD, and with no pun intended, let's put this "issue" behind us ;)


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