btrfs and bittorrent commentary

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btrfs and bittorrent commentary

Postby lizzibet » Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:26 am

i tried it but it didn't work for me

i had a / partion of btrfs
a /temp partition of btrfs
a /boot partition of ext4 as i am told grub doesn't like btrfs
and of course i have one giant partition for file storage to which i assign /home for every distro that is ext4

it wouldn't boot up

i don't much care really, i am happy with using all ext4... i'd be happy to to use reiser4 if it were listed or just plain reiser as well. I'm not hung up about partition formats as long as something works. i read the wiki that btrfs does not recover from loss of power or forced shutdowns and is still needing tools to operate as well as ext4 or reiser so I'm not disappointed. Just thought i should report it.

BTW I have transmission loaded with the lmde64 and it is barely getting any use of the bit torrent... is there no one using bit torrent? I see so many complaints about installs failing and wonder if they are getting errors from ftp or http downloads. Everyone does know that bittorrent has hash checking and such to ensure a proper download right? If and when I do reboot agian I'll hope to remember to tun transmission and keep it there for anyone who wants it... i have it running non-stop for 17 hrs i bet and my share ratio is 0.45..... kinda odd for a new distro.......

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Re: btrfs and bittorrent commentary

Postby Nick_Djinn » Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:20 pm

Is it good to mix and match file systems like that? Is the /boot partition really necessary for you? Cant you install the boot loader to an unpartitioned space?

Otherwise there are other issues that could cause this from what I hear.

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