LightDM instead GMD in LMDE?

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LightDM instead GMD in LMDE?

Postby yro » Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:15 pm

How to remove GDM and install LightDM in LMDE? But how to do it and make LightDM works?

Ive tried unninstall GDM and install LightDM but the dm doesnt works.
sorry about my bad english... o.O

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Re: LightDM instead GMD in LMDE?

Postby sagirfahmid3 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:01 pm

First, get LightDM and install it.
Next, put this in terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm
Choose LightDM from list.
Remove GDM.

Done. Hope that helps.

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