I just want to thank you

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I just want to thank you

Post by GERGE » Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:40 am

I am not an active user of big forums; little, focused forums are more like my thing where you can know almost every user. Anyway, I don't know if I will lurk here anymore but I just wanted to thank you for providing this perfect distribution. I don't really care about Linux Mint Main Edition, but Linux Mint Debian Edition is too great to explain with words. But maybe a very short summary of my experince with it would hint how I feel =)

I have been a Linux user as far as I could remember, for me Windows was that other operating system. Probably because my first PC was an old Pentium (back at the 1999) with Corel Linux. And after some time using it (Corel Lİnux only survived for two years) I migrated to SuSE and when Novell introduced openSUSE I started my search for a new distribution. I found Arch. It was great (it still is). I got hooked into rolling release thingy, and used it till 3-4 months ago. But people change, and in my very much biased experience they change most as they leave their blissful (but sadly completely unaware of the said bliss) university days. Things are a lot more serious for me now. I cannot have anything crash on me. I am mostly working with deadlines too. So, I needed a safer distribution. I first tried fixed releases, starting with Ubuntu. Againts all my expectations I even quite liked Unity. But I cannot put to words how much I hated its fixed release schedule. It was terrible, and more so after 7 years with Arch. I checked Debian but Debian Testing was not so different from Arch, still uncomfortable. Then I found Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Rolling release, almost bleeding-edge, from Ireland (I always had a soft spot for Ireland, mostly because of their literature) and (this is what made me as happy as a pre-teen having his first kiss) updates are controlled, they come in packs. This is revolutionary! Great! Perfect! Rolling release with all good that comes with it together with safety of fixed releases.

I thank you for this.

PS. I am looking at Debian packaging now, very complex compared to Arch. At least binary repos are also very big compared to Arch =)

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Re: I just want to thank you

Post by Oscar799 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:33 am

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