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LMDE Gnome is Up and Running

Postby dmhm » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:36 pm

Since the last release of LMDE occurred before the release of Wheezy, I decided to add the wheezy stable repository to Synaptics other software section, adding Christian Marrillat's authentication along with Clemente's.

As a result, the next update was massive and I noticed that Cinnamon apps were going to be removed and Gnome 3 apps installed, but I went along with it to see what would happen.

The result is LMDE w/ Gnome 3. No problems have arisen so far.

Perhaps someone more familiar with the differences existing between LMDE and Debian Wheezy can inform potential and present LMDE users what advantages or disadvantages can be obtained by following the steps I took.

My decision was based on:

1.- Emphasizing stability over incorporating the latest possible software; and

2.- Including the non-open-code codecs and drivers where needed.

So far, I am pleased personally with the results of having added the official Wheezy Repository to LMDE. I have used the Gnome shell before and find it to be efficient for my needs.

I would be interested in hearing anyone's opinion regarding this issue.

So thanks in advance for your observations and thoughts.
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Re: LMDE Gnome

Postby zerozero » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:42 pm

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