How could this have been missed? (with a RC release)

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Re: How could this have been missed? (with a RC release)

Postby bobcollard » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:13 am

allypink wrote:
bobcollard wrote:Notty! Everyone are not having problems with this. That is the point some of us are trying to make. Check your md5sum, use the disk checker when you open it live. Burn at speeds of 3x or less. All of these things matter and they are not workarounds.

The point pal is lots (LOTS) of folks are having trouble. Or don't you take the time to read them? Live disk......... fundamental...... should work on just about anything.,,,,, needs to. You may not be having problems,,,,,,,,, don't assume others are complete idiots. :wink:

Sorry to offend, BUT, if it works on some equipment and does not on others, then it is not the system that is at complete fault here. The .iso may be missing something to do with your drivers, that happens and there are Fixes. Not to bring up the most obvious, but, nouveau drivers comes to mind. Anyway, now that the holidays are over I'm sure Clem and his team will figure this out.
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