Plans for LMDE beyond the shell/interface? Crunchbang?

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Plans for LMDE beyond the shell/interface? Crunchbang?

Postby Nick_Djinn » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:21 pm

I would like some clarification on this issue.....with the Debian edition, is Mint focusing on creating their customized 'shell' for lack of a better word + codecs for media and stuff, or are they going to be evolving this project to be more than that? Might this turn into a fork of Debian, or at least get the kind of modifications and added tools (not just apps or customizations to default) like distros like Crunchbang has? Could this be Mints version of how ubuntu got started, or should we expect little more than the same user environment on plain debian maintained upstream?

If its the later, I wonder how the XFCE version can/will compete with distros like Crunchbang that might add some deeper changes.

Is there any official position on whether Mint might do some things differently on a deeper system level (sorry, I lack the proper terminology), adding select tools from Ubuntu or from other distros that were built on a Debian base that seem to help the user experience?

It seems like Mint is full of capable programmers. Everyone raved about how Mints XFCE was superior to Xubuntu, though I hope it wasnt psychological. It looks like PulseAudio was added, and I dont know how I feel about that since it causes a lot of breakage, but at least it seems stable so far with my current hardware....knock on plastic.

I think Ive said it before, but Ubuntu was bloated and Debian is kind of skinny. A nice fit balance would be ideal.

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