Suggest new laptop.

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Suggest new laptop.

Postby Elmacus » Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:58 pm

Sold my S760 Fujitsu laptop, now I need a new.
Any suggestion for , perfect running debian, laptop aprox 1000 euro.
What needs to work is builtin mobile broadband and i5. The last had gobi 2000 and did not work.

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Re: Suggest new laptop.

Postby Dyfi » Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:46 am

I have been looking at laptops especially for linux recently. The link below sell a range of Lenova. ... ptops.html

Their price is high in relation to other online laptop sellers. It could be a reasonable starting point for you. Good luck!

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Re: Suggest new laptop.

Postby LifeInTheGrey » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:52 pm

I personally recommend MSi ... completely linux-ready out-of-the-box, and pretty cheap too. I have the MSi A6200...

Intel Core i5-430M processor
Intel GMA HD Graphics (plays games pretty well, although I'm not a super hardcore gamer, I mainly use it for media ... works perfectly fine playing on 1080p 50" TV)
15.6" HD 1366x768 screen
Atheros AR9285 b/g/n wireless card
Realtek RTL8101E/RTL8102E ethernet card

3 USB 2.0 ports
1 HDMI port
1 VGA port
SD/xD/etc. memory slot

Additional Bonuses:
Aesthetics = layout is a clean and sleek black, with subtle diagonal stripes
Keyboard = very responsive chiclet keyboard, with full 10-key setup
Internal mic/webcam = pretty standard on modern laptops, but still worth mentioning

As I mentioned, everything worked completely fine out-of-the-box for LMDE, as well as LM 10/11 (back when I believed in Ubuntu). My cost at Office Depot (and I paid full retail) was $485. That is USD, which I only specify because you mention euro. I know you were originally looking for mobile broadband, but quite honestly with the money that you save, you can probably afford any card to slide in. That is, assuming you can't tether your phone's internet through USB (my version of mobile broadband).
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Re: Suggest new laptop.

Postby Dr.m0x » Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:22 am

Got an acer 4741g about 3 months for exclusive linux use.

Nvidia card works great as optimus is not enabled, and the networking hardware is atheros so compatibility is also great.

Only problem I've hit is that the trackpad isn't detected so you can't change any settings and multi touch doesn't work, but it does work as a normal touchpad and you can still use fn+ f7 to switch it off if you have a mouse plugged in.

All in all a nice experience under linux.

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Re: Suggest new laptop.

Postby Deafmute » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:21 am

You can give Zareason a shot, they offer preloads for most of the common distros ( as well as no OS)

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