systemd (re)entered testing today! Should Mint adopt it?

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Re: systemd (re)entered testing today! Should Mint adopt it?

Postby widget » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:03 pm

Well, sounds interesting anyway. I think I will try it. If it breaks that will be fine. I'll fool with it a bit to see if I can get it to run and delete the partitions.

If it does work I will keep them for short while just to see what it does or does not do at this point.

That particular install was used to test several (6) DEs to decide what I was going to use instead of Gnome. Have 2 Sid installs with GS and while it works and is usable with the right extensions Xfce has captured me.

I put it on here (testing) so that I could get used to it in daily use a month ago and really don't like going back to the Gnome DE that was default installed on here.

The Wheezy install has served the purpose for which it was installed. It will be gone soon in any case. Systemd just interests me to no end.

Have a history of testing Ubuntu dev releases and have followed their efforts to improve booting procedures. They have done some good work but it is buggy on a lot of hardware and every time they fix it things get worse for other configurations of hardware. I think that they will have to change at some point as too much hardware is being excluded. Relatively new hardware such as mine.

Things have improved since the release of 10.04 when booting to Ubuntu just didn't work at all unless you consider a 20 minute boot time to be acceptable. Having to shut down with Alt - SysRq -b every time kind of sucked too. Now I can boot in less than 3 minutes (not much) and it will shut down. Seeing that I could boot in under 30 seconds the day before Plymouth was inflicted on us at 10.04 A2 and went to a minute and a quarter the day after was not encouraging. The fact that it went down hill from then on (RC would boot in just under 2 minutes) was not encouraging either.

What is needed is a system that will speed up boot time across the board, all regularly used hardware. I don't like plymouth but have no problem with it if folks want it. Systemd may actually work with it and still get good boot times on most hardware. This would be a great thing.

I really don't think that blazing boot speeds are the most important thing in the world. If it is clean and consistent I think most folks are not going to be upset at speeds approaching a whole minute.
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Re: systemd (re)entered testing today! Should Mint adopt it?

Postby jeffreyC » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:59 pm

And I think 45 seconds is too long, but I still have a few things to improve yet.
I know people who have Windows and expect boot times around 8 minutes.
Debian HAD a reputation for slow booting until Squeeze when they introduced concurrent boot.
Any distro that takes over a minute to boot I would replace.
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Re: systemd (re)entered testing today! Should Mint adopt it?

Postby Roken » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:33 pm

Oh dear - I'm a minute and 9 seconds here, though I do have a fair bit of stuff going on at startup (and my POST takes a good 15 seconds with a further 5 second grub delay that I imposed), so I guess I'm down to 49 seconds if you take those out of the equation :)

Win 7, OTOH, is still a 4.5 minute boot before the HD stops churning.
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