Respins Approved for stable release.

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Re: Respins Approved for stable release.

Postby kmb42vt » Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:09 pm

zerozero wrote::lol: wasn't intended to sound rude :oops: not being an english native speaker has these issues sometimes, we miss hidden nuances :D

anyway, that "upgrade" :lol: (because it is) from LM11 to LMDE calls for a celebration 8)

And here I thought you some Linux lover living in Liverpool, your English is that good. Then again, I'm from the US and I've never really met anyone from Liverpool so how would I know? :lol: It was just my sense of humor coming out. Not to worry though. Not many people understand my sense of humor.
"Humph. Choice, it is the quintessential Linux delusion, simultaneously the source of it's greatest strength, and it's greatest weakness." (All apologies to The Architect)

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