I think I love LMDE

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I think I love LMDE

Postby michaelp » Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:48 am

Yesterday I burned the LMDE DVD and put a little old hard drive in my laptop cause I was looking to try something new. I put LMDE on and spent most of yesterday and last night updating and getting everything working nice. Wireless needed a driver install, other than that it was a perfect install. So I put a couple apps on including the cairo dock and just been tweeking around. I love LMDE and haven't really noticed any staility issues, and LMDE appeals to me in a way no other distro can. Updates. Why I love them but there were a ton after install and it just made me happy. So I'm thinking about putting my good hard drive back in the computer and wiping it for a clean install. It currently has opensuse, which I do love, but LMDE feels so much lighter and sleeker and just fast. My only concern is Gnome 3 coming alone eventually and not liking it at all.
I'm also pretty happy everything under the sun wasn't installed which gives me time to decided what I really need/want and just install those programs. Actually the only issue I've had is searching in software manager takes a couple minutes. It seems to freeze after I type a name for a minute or so but it still ends up working so I'm not too bothered. Well I gotta be sure before I go ahead, but I'm 99% there. Linux Mint is just great.

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Re: I think I love LMDE

Postby asymmetros » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:22 am

I am running LMDE since September '10. Not any serious problem so far. Indeed, it is fast and lightweight. My favourite is Xfce edition (when i hear gnome i am running to opposite directions simultaneously) and i have installed it also in a rather old msi netbook -it flies.
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Re: I think I love LMDE

Postby zaenalarifin » Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:15 am

I use LMDE since 2010. with gdm3 and I mix with kde.
and it's great .... but sometimes there are two options question when installing software : Yes or No
but no problem. and a favorite in LMDE namely the "cube-atlantis on compiz" and many others as well.
and ... yes, i love LMDE .

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