gnome-color-chooser palettes on gnome3

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gnome-color-chooser palettes on gnome3

Postby nitrofurano » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:26 am

months ago on Ubuntu i could successfully use gtk2 themes on defaultly gtk3-based applications (like nautilus, gnome-terminal, gedit, etc.) on gnome 3 and apply there colour schemes from gnome-color-chooser.

recently from updates/upgrades, i'm seeing that Mint-Debian is now coming with gtk3-based default gnome applications, and being completelly unable to apply the gnome-color-chooser colour schemes as easily and fast they appear on gtk2-based applications (like Liferea, Iceweasel, LXDE panel, etc.)

I can't remember what exactly i did on Ubuntu, since i tried everything randomly: gnome-tweak-tool, gconf-editor, switch to fallback-mode from terminal, etc., as i did on Ubuntu - but, i can't do that on Mint-Debian - which steps could we do exactly for having it working?

thanks in advance! :)

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